I am currently in my summer break right between school and college. I just finished school a couple of weeks ago and college starts in a few weeks as a result of which there are a lot of emotions to deal with. On the one hand, it is scary and extremely daunting to move away from home and step out into the “real world”; having to be independent and make friends all over again. On the other hand, it is also exciting. There is freedom like I have never seen before. I get the opportunity to really find out who I am as a person away from all kinds of parental supervision. Suffice to say, it is an extremely emotional time and it can sometimes get hard to deal with all these emotions at the same time. One day you feel really confident in yourself while another day you are second-guessing every decision. Even so, there are certain factors that have helped me cope.

Something that has been really helpful is being organised. Making lists of work you have to get done and materials you have to buy can make the whole process appear less daunting. As you tick items off your list, you start feeling more prepared to face college. It is also beneficial to start packing early instead of at the last minute. A major advantage of social media at this time is that it not only helps you get all the required information from websites and Instagram pages but also helps you connect with people going to the same college as you. Reaching out to people, even meeting them, if possible, can relieve some of the anxiety. Already knowing some of your batchmates before going to campus can ease your fear and help you feel less alone in the whole process. However, if this isn’t possible, you can always go to campus and make friends! It’s important to remember that everyone there has been put in a similar situation as you; everyone is nervous and everyone wants to make friends.

There are also some things that I plan to follow once I go to college to make the whole experience feel less overwhelming. Making an effort to stay in touch with friends and family back home and decorating my room to make it feel more like home are some of them. Additionally, it is important to keep the room clean and step outside often, not just for meals. Another worthwhile activity is to practice a self-care routine; it could be exercise, skincare, journaling, or anything else that helps you de-stress and relax when things get too overwhelming.

For anybody else going through this right now: I know the change is scary, but take it one day at a time and believe in yourself, you’ve got this! However, if at any point before or during college, all of it gets too overwhelming, please reach out and talk to someone who could help you.

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