Well, what a great start to the day with controversies.

If you are a netizen, you will probably know that this is one of the most debated topics, and a lot of people out there still think Hindi is our National language. So here’s something about it.

If you have read the title properly, you would be either happy or raged by now. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if Hindi, a widely spoken language all over India, was made the national language?

But for those who unceasingly argue for Hindi to be India’s national language, here is why it should not be.

We have English and Hindi as the official languages but we do not have a single national language. Isn’t it shocking for such a huge country to not have a national language?

India is a land of diversity that has 1599+ spoken languages, out of which 22 are recognized as official. Hindi, being used by the majority of the people, is made one of the administrative languages while English being the other one.

Before independence, India was divided into 565 princely states. These indigenous princely states believed in independent governance, which was the biggest obstacle in building a strong India. The problem was resolved by creating states on the basis of the language spoken by the natives. Andra Pradesh was the first to be formed based on the regional language ‘Telugu’.

Due to modernization and the influence of western culture, we are slowly disregarding our own traditions and customs, including languages. Most of the people hesitate to speak in their own regional languages but take pride in speaking in foreign languages.

According to Wikipedia, 191 Indian languages are on the verge of extinction and 250+ languages are extinct.
Now, for instance, if Hindi is made the national language, every state has to compulsorily follow it. Most of the states with different languages will be forced to learn Hindi. It will have to be implemented in administration. And people primarily will have to learn Hindi.

This renders the regional languages useless. Eventually, people will forget to use their own language.
Every language has a history of its own which is needed to be braced. We cannot discriminate one language as superior and the other as inferior just because it is spoken by the majority.

The aim is not to propagate the Anti-Hindi mentality, but to protect the unique culture and linguistics of the nation from being extinct.

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