It is known to us that since ancient times women were always considered inferior to men. They have suffered through ages of discrimination and abuse (both mentally and physically. It was mainly because it has been the human nature to exploit the weak. Women were considered weak because of their inferior physical capabilities as compared to men. Now since the work done by the men generated revenue it was naturally considered superior as compared to taking care of the household which did not generate any revenue.

In the times gone by, most of the work was manual labor work which required muscular strength and hence men were naturally allocated towards these kinds of work, and women were allocated to the job of taking care of the household where muscular strength required was much less.

But now, times have changed because the work which is required for us to do to earn a living mostly doesn’t require much muscular prowess, it requires skills and intelligence. Now since women could take up these jobs too, they started to gain a little recognition. They started to gain access to opportunities and information which they did not have access to earlier.

Tech has made the world a smaller place. If any person were to commit a crime then we would have the means to show it to the whole world. This works in the sense that you upload data to a server and then people around the world can download or view the data. This has also helped in reducing crimes against women.

The transition from revenue-generating work being from solely muscular to now only through using brains, the liberation of women has taken place to an extent. They can now make their own decisions and take control of their lives mainly because of their finances. For example, India has the highest number of female pilots in the world. Women constitute 34 % of the IT workforce in India. Women can do all the work that men can because both have the same human brains and tech doesn’t discriminate.

But having said all this, we must also know that a woman can be a successful woman by being a woman. She doesn’t have to become man-like to be successful. This means that we not valuing the person taking care of the household (male or female) is not sensible. We take a woman’s work for granted. When the services being provided to us by our mothers stop, we would surely realize the importance of her work.

Moreover, now women can choose whether they want to work or they want to take care of the household (by choice). This choice has only been possible because intelligence has shown dominance over physical strength.

Imagine how humans dominate the earth even when our physical strength is far inferior when compared to animals.

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